Harmony/Storyboard Pro 3D Launch in India – Great Success!

Industry and Educational professionals were only a part of the audiences who took in the recent Harmony and Storyboard Pro 3D launch tour in India.  The events were a joint venture of Toon Boom Animation and our India distributor, Rahul Commerce.   The events were hosted by Joan Vogeslesang, President and CEO of Toon Boom Animation Inc. and Francisco Del Cueto, CTO at Toon Boom. The packed auditoriums  proved once more that Toon Boom is streets ahead of the competition and has a dedicated following of highly qualified, smart  and experienced users. The multi-city launch tour had events in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.

New features  in Harmony 9

  • New Pencil Line Technology
  • New Deformation Technology
  • New Particles plug-in and SDK infrastructure
  • 2D-3D Integration

New features  in Storyboard Pro 3D

  • Working with 3D Objects
  • Working in a 3D Space
  • True Pencil
  • Smart Sketching
  • Building a Library
  • Organized Storyboarding
  • Built-in Animatics
  • Export to FBX to import into the 3D software of your choice

Read more about the products here:

More information about Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro 3D


Read more about the event here:

Toon Boom Multi-city launch by Rahul Commerce receives Industry participation by Farhatnaz Ansari


Toon Boom’s distributor in India:

Rahul Commerce

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