TV Commercials use Animation too!

When you think of animation you tend to think of movies and cartoons, what doesn’t immediately spring to mind are TV commercials. And yet, when you give this some thought there are a lot of products which are marketed using animation. Everything from food products, to cars, to public service announcements have at one time or another been the subject of the animation artist.

Surprising as it may seem, many animation studios do not continuously produce feature length animation but instead the “bread and butter” of daily life for many are TV advertisements. The challenges faced when creating a commercial are significant. Least of all is the short timeframe, the idea has to be approved, a storyboard created, music and voice actors chosen, an animatic shown to the client and approved all before the commercial ever gets to your tv screen.

Toon Boom’s software is used by many studios to create some very nice animation such as this one which uses Toon Boom Animate.

Clairefontaine by Philippe Constantinesco, Zurich29

Or this one which Calabash Animation of Chicago  created  to promote a client’s ultra low temperature freezers. Calabash Animation made use of Toon Boom Harmony for the project.

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