Toon Boom Animation News Magazine Spring 2012

Click to read the Toon Boom News - Spring 2012Toon-Boom-Animation-News-Magazine-Spring-2012

It’s Toon Boom News magazine time again and for the very first time we are going to include it in this blog. For those of you unfamiliar with our quarterly publication it covers all of the major events and which are of interest to our customers.

In the Spring Issue of Toon Boom News  you can read about:

  • Reaching the Toon Boom Community On Air, Online and Onsite
  • Going Cross-media with an Environmental Project in Harmony
  • Rubicon Revamps Pink Panther and Pals using the Toon Boom Pipeline
  • Zarafa  a film produced by Prima Linea Productions and Chaocorps
  • Arc Productions
  • El Hombre Invisible Visual Arts
  • Camoflaj Studio
  • PJP Film & TV Productions
  • Bang On Animation, 3lbs Animation and Tycoon Animation Inc.
  • Planet Nemo Animation
  • Lapis Lazuli studio
  • Adam Phillips
  • Anders Worm
  • Toni Junard
  • Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD)
  • The Arts & Technology Institute of Texas
  • Scuola Internazionale di Comics (International School of Comics)

Each Toon Boom News issue includes articles on

  • Awards
  • Toon Boom Star
  • Technology News
  • Industry Tips
  • Case Study – where a professional animation studios are chosen for a more in-depth look at their process.
  • Animation Studios – where the latest animation news coming out of production houses using Toon Boom software is announced.
  • Freelancers – the hard working contract workers of the animation world.
  • Education – how Toon Boom is dedicated to helping people become better educated through the use of animation as both a teaching tool and a communication medium.

Find out more about Toon Boom and our amazingly talented community by checking out the following:

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    • Hi, you can download a copy to your computer by clicking on the image of the cover and it will open in your browser. If you move the mouse pointer down the page a menu appears and you can save the magazine in pdf format.

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