The Caribbean Animation Industry expands as CDMC Studio opens in Barbados

L- R James Corbin, Managing Director, CDMC; The Honourable Denis Kellman, Minister of Industry, Small Business & Rural Development; Joan Vogelesang, President and CEO, Toon Boom Animation Inc.; Dr. Trevor Carmichael, Board Member, CDMC.   L- R James Corbin, Managing Director, CDMC and The Honourable Denis Kellman, Barbados Minister of Industry, Small Business & Rural Development.

L-R- Joan Vogelesang, President and CEO, Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Joan Vogelesang, President and CEO of Toon Boom Animation attended the Official Opening of CDMC (Caribbean Digital Media Centre Inc.)  in Barbados. The opening of this studio marks another milestone in the continued development and expansion of the animation industry in The Caribbean.

The event was attended by  The Honourable Denis Kellman, Barbados Minister of Industry, Small Business & Rural Development  for Barbados; James Corbin, Managing Director, CDMC; Dr. Trevor Carmichael, Board Member, CDMC and other local dignitaries as well as education and animation notables. Toon Boom’s Man-in-the-Caribbean Phil Phillips was also on hand to add his local expertise to the event.  The CDMC is just one of the studios being opened in the next few weeks with West Toonz Studios later this week.

Toon Boom believes that the success which we have had in developing the animation industry in India will be repeated in The Caribbean. Using the skills developed in these and other Caribbean studios this highly networked industry will enable The Caribbean animation industry to leverage the global footprint provided by major animation studios who wish to outsource their work to skilled and talented production houses.

Guyana, Trindad, Jamaica now all have Toon Boom equipped animation studios, with others planned in St. Vincent and St. Lucia. This expansion will result in the creation of 3000 – 5000 new jobs in the Eastern Caribbean over the next few years.

Initial training is provided by Toon Boom Animation, once these studios are up to speed and have a reputation for high-quality output, then they can use the connections which Toon Boom has and be recommended to the major world-leading animation studios. The fact that Joan Vogelesang and Toon Boom recommends a studio means that they are recognised as being capable of producing and deliver the standard and volume of work expected by major studios.


11 thoughts on “The Caribbean Animation Industry expands as CDMC Studio opens in Barbados

  1. hi toon boom guy
    Do you know if they will be holding any more work shops in Barbados i am very curious about entering this field but could use some info on how to go about it. I have no idea where to start

    • Hello Tameshia, I will pass your comment on to Phil Phillips, he is the Toon Boom rep for the Caribbean. I’m sure Phil will be able to help you with local information like that. We also have anew Animation in the Caribbean Facebook page which you should check out. We are trying to make that page a community forum for animation in the region.
      Best Regards
      Peter Cawthorne ( Toon Boom Guy)

  2. Hi ToonBoom,
    My colleague and I are working to provide training to a number of young persons using your software in Saint Lucia. You have indicated your intentions to establish or work with studios for the initial purpose of subcontracting.
    If I may ask, where have your negotiations right now, since we have not heard of your efforts in our island other than through this post and our research into efforts in other Caribbean Islands?

    • Good afternoon, I have forwarded your comment to our director and I have been informed that our Caribbean Representative Mr. Phil Phillips will contact you shortly. Thank you for letting us know of your concerns and interest in the development of the Caribbean animation community. Best Regards Peter CAwthorne, Social Media Manager, Toon Boom Animation.

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  5. I live in St. Thomas and started a small business roughly two years ago. Seeking funding support for an animated series etc.

  6. Hello there,i’m from Saint Lucia and currently going to school of art and design ,i would have liked for a school to offer digital animation as well .Hopefully we will see animation studios here in saint Lucia.I’m currently using various 2d packages out there ,but due to lack of training i most moving at the speed i would like.Once again ,hope there is a training center for animation from u guys .

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