Reducing our Ecological Footprint

Reducing our ecological footprint

 So what do you do to reduce your drain on the planet’s resources?

It’s been several years since Toon Boom Animation decided to make a determined effort to reduce it’s ecological footprint on the planet. Maybe by reading this you may get a few ideas of how you can help as well.

At first it was only small things such as reducing the amount of paper inserts and packaging for our products. This in turn had the side effect of reducing our printing costs.

stack-of-papersNext, we looked at the documentation which we printed, and we had lots of it! With some of our software manuals running to 1000 + pages we decided to reduce the font size and change the paper size, so that the print shop could cut multiple pages from one sheet. This once more saved the amount of paper used and also costs.

We then took a good look at the ways which paper was wasted in the office, a conscious effort was made to have all documentation reviewed online, by sending  the review copies in PDF format and also by removing the need to print a few sheets to proof the text.  This was quickly followed by the elimination of  printed user guides and documentation, all of which were already built into the software’s Help system so the user could access them at any time. We also recycle any paper which we have to use.

Our latest move is to stop physical shipment of products. Although all our products have been downloadable for a few years now, we still had an option for a physical dvd and packaging if the customer requested this. Effective immediately our products are only available as a download. This removes the wastage caused by printing, packaging and fuel during shipment. It also removes any delay a customer would have in receiving our products due to mail and shipping times.

We are also fortunate to be based in a city such as Montreal which has extensive bicycle paths and a comprehensive mass transit system, the majority of our staff make use of this and walk, bicycle or use public transit.

So little by little we continue to reduce our drain on the environment and help to save the planet just a bit.  Why don’t you try too, it’s remarkably easy to do!

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