Health Education Storyboarding Contest with iheedcrowd

The iheedcrowd global platform for the digital design community to address global health education and training challenges is running a contest.

Take part in the contest where YOU could win big cash prizes AND have the honour of being amongst the first to revolutionise health education through animation.

iheedcrowd has four competitions on different health topics;

  • The Coughing Child / Pneumonia
  • Diarrhoea and Oral Rehydration Solution
  • Child Malnutrition
  • Training Community Health Workers to provide education to reduce smoking

The iheedcrowd  contest requires you to create a storyboard and submit a draft (pdf OR powerpoint) to iheedcrowd during submission period.

Use  Toon Boom Storyboard Pro  a   2012 Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award winning  software to create your storyboard with.

ENTER the iheedcrowd competition here 

Read about the global partnership which Toon Boom Animation and iheedcrowd has formed.

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