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This week we continue the Storyboard Pro topic with the Export Options. This week  our guru and Professional Product Manager, Lilly Vogelesang, will explain the export options available in Storyboard Pro and Storyboard Pro 3D. She also shows how everything you have done in Storyboard is used in the next stage of the pipeline. This is extremely powerful saving time and effort and allows the entire team work together on the entire project from planning to final animation.

This week’s video is in two parts, totaling 16 minutes.



In Part 1 of the video Lilly introduces the topic by How you can use what you do in Storyboard Pro in the next stage in the pipeline.

She begins by showing an actual storyboard from the Echo Media production Life on The Block and uses it  to show the importance of making sure scene files are “on model”, extremely detailed and clean, so there is no ambiguity or guesswork on the part of the persons receiving the exported files.
She continues with the demonstration showing Animation on the camera and animation on the characters, introduction of new characters in the scene and change of camera angles.
Lilly, also explains that Storyboard Pro can be used to plan live-action shots and suggests watching free tutorials by Mark Simon and Sherm Cohen. Next, she discusses the various Exporting Options available when exporting the storyboard.
First mentioned is Export to PDF option – an overview of the various preferences, layouts, edits and reviews available as you export the pdf of your storyboard as a pdf.
The next option is, Export to Movie – an overview of the various preferences including timecodes and scene names, panel names and project safeties.

Part 2

In Part 2 of the video, Lilly continues to describe Export options, including exporting to Final Cut and Premiere. She provides an example of what you would do next using an exported Storyboard file in Adobe Premiere. This is followed by the Next steps – working Edit, some more animation or in the case of live-action shooting some film.

Lilly introduces us to a project exported from Stroyboard Pro into Adobe Premiere.   Using this  she explains The Working Edit – in Adobe Premiere having exported the Storyboard Pro as movie files included the audio you can add a second video track on top and add the final versions of those scenes so an up-to-date version has the latest information in it. She also added a Maya particle fire to the scene.
She talks about the  importance of planning things in Storyboard Pro and laying things out so you know exactly what to do as you go forward. Next  she discusses some  Other Export options CSV, Toon Boom and FBX.
Exporting to CSV – the importance of naming things correctly to show the following in the CSV file for your production management;names of scenes, names of panels, how many frames and panels, captions and their content as well as all of the layers and their content.
Exporting to Toon Boom if you are using 2D – to create 1 project for each scene file in your storyboard scene this can be exported to Animate or Animate Pro or, if you have the consulting licence installed exported to Toon Boom Harmony.

Exporting to FBX if you are exporting to 3D (only available in Storyboard Pro 3D)- to create 1 FBX file for each scene file in your storyboard project.
Finally, Lilly concludes this video by providing a Summary of the exporting process and how everything you have done in Storyboard is used in the next stage of the pipeline. This extremely powerful feature saves time and effort and allows the entire team work together on the entire project from planning to final animation.


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