Meet the Youngest Toon Boom Harmony Certified Animator

Adysen R. stands apart from other teenagers as the youngest Toon Boom Harmony Certified animator.

Adysen’s submission The Ninja’s Fortune Cookie was made using Toon Boom Harmony in only 80 hours. It won her a place in her school’s Artist Guild honor role and she became the only Freshman to make it into the Guild in the Visual Arts category.

Adysen unlike other teenagers is already Toon Boom Harmony Certified, she did this through her love of animation and an ambition to develop her talent. Based in the United States, she learned Photoshop at school and started using it to create animation. “At the time, I thought there’s got to be a better way to create animation, and so I researched the Internet to find a better option. This is how I found Toon Boom, and right away tried Studio and Animate Pro,” says Adysen. As it was her summer vacation, she took the time to thoroughly watch the online video tutorials and learn how to use Animate Pro.

When school started, she continued and made learning animation her after school activity. Half way through the school year, Adysen decided to submit her first school assignment using animation. “I got a science assignment and I did not want to use PowerPoint anymore. The topic was the various states of matter, so it was perfect to put my new animation skills to work. I was the only one using animation in my classroom and my project was very well received,” adds Adysen.

She then created another assignment for her English class and it was equally a success. “My friends enjoy doing the voice acting for me. I also created cartoon characters to represent them. It is a great way to involve them in my projects and get their names in the credits!” she concludes. Adysen’s talent has not gone unnoticed; her English teacher asked her to design a logo over the summer.

Aspiring to accomplish more with her toolset, Adysen expressed an interest in learning Toon Boom Harmony. To become certified, she and her parents came to Montreal to spend one intensive week becoming familiar with Harmony’s powerful features and professional animation techniques. Each day, Apollo Okamura,  one of Toon Boom’s highly-qualified software instructors, brought Adysen up to speed with Harmony’s capabilities and introduced her to traditional and cut-out animation styles. They also covered special effects in order to explore different looks and feels. “Apollo was fantastic. I really enjoyed learning the new Deform tools. They are awesome! I didn’t know cut-out rigs existed before, so it was very helpful to understand how it works and what you can achieve,” comments Adysen. “I did try Flash before adopting Toon Boom’s products and didn’t like it at all. Everything took so long to perform, just as an example, setting a 3D camera move in Flash is impossible, while in Toon Boom it is so much faster!” she states.

With her Toon Boom Harmony certificate added to her impressive list of accomplishments, Adysen plans to create more personal animated projects while applying her new skills to her future school assignments. Toon Boom has educational discounts for students.

Make sure to subscribe to Adysen’s YouTube channel cheesepuffllama to follow her progress and watch her latest projects!

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