Mark Simon Animatic Pitching Workshop at Full Sail University

Mark Simon’s brilliant presentation of his Pitching Workshop at Full Sail University in Florida. An accomplished storyboard artist and animator, Mark shows how to correctly present a pitch with enthusiasm and passion to studio executives. He also explains the importance of pitching your story in a way which will engage and open discussion about how the animation can be tweeked or altered to best fit the studios ideas. He mentions the benefits of using a rough animatic over a clean, finished  piece of animation and how studios are more open to suggesting changes and discussing their views when the pitched animatic is shown as an idea in rough sketched form.  Mark uses Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for all of his pitch animatics. During the workshop he explains how a six minute animatic done entirely in Storyboard Pro, including, artwork, music, timing, voices and sound effects took around two weeks from start to finish. Mark Simon also states that using Storyboard Pro has “..quadrupled how fast I am on everything I do”.


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