Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche & Leonard Maltin to host the 40th Annies

annieawards_220x355As reported by Animation Magazine, two famous voice actors and a movie reviewer are appointed to host the 40th Annie Awards. Just to remind you we are going to broadcast it live from LA on Toon Boom’s special Annie Awards page this Saturday 7pm PST or 10pm EST. So tune in and expect a star-studded selection of special guests among which are: American Pie’s Jason Biggs, voice actress June Foray, Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman & Jessica Walter, HBO-star Kristen Schaal, Emmy-winning actress Loretta Devine and many more. This year Toon Boom shares the bill of recipients with legendary director and ex-Monty Python prankster Terry Gilliam and Mark Henn, author of such immortal Disney’s characters as Mulan, The Lion King’s Simba & Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

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