Social Media for Animation and Digital Content Creation

Toon Boom Social Media is Fun

Do you like animation? Well who doesn’t, i’m sure there are some folk who don’t, but that’s not us, right!

So how do you stay up to date with the latest info and animation ideas and what’s going on in the animation community?  Well you could troll through the internet and find all that stuff yourself, or you could follow Toon Boom’s Social Media and let us do the leg-work for you.

So what do we have, well aside from all the regular goodies, like user stories, showcase and tutorials we have on our main website, you can click here if you want to see them, their is our social media.

Toon Boom has a list of great social media, where you can post comments and get involved in conversations with the animation community:

  • There is this blog, so you should subscribe to it so you don’t miss anything
  • And we have a Twitter feed @ToonBoom for those live, instant updates and links
  • We also have Facebook pages Toon Boom Animation and Animation in the Caribbean our dedicated Facebook page for the up and coming Caribbean Animation Community
  • Our Pinterest boards show at a glance what our passions are
  • Tumblr is for those community members who like a more visual look
  • On our YouTube channels we have tutorials and work by animators and story artists of all skills and backgrounds

So get involved in our community, let us know what you like or don’t like in animation, pass on your ideas and tips to others in the community, It’s fun.. just like working at Toon Boom and helping you get more out of digital content creation!

And now, as thanks for reading this blog, why not download a Toon Boom 2013 calendar.

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