Toon Boom Attends CDE Digital Educational Summit

In April, Toon Boom will be taking part in a digital education summit being hosted by The California Department of Education (CDE) in Sacramento, CA. The summit will take place on 12 April 2013 and will be hosted by Mr.Scott Spector and Mr.Jack Mitchell of the CDE. In attendance will be Toon Boom Educational Development team members Mr. Louis Diggs and Mr. Dikran Husseindjian.

The summit will focus on how Toon Boom’s student achievement platform can enable educators to incorporate digital content into any Common Core subject matter without changing their current pedagogic direction. The summit will also focus on making use of Toon Boom’s CTE Certification Program (Career and Technical Education) which creates pathways that equip students with the technical skills to assist them in securing 21st Century jobs.

Learn about the Toon Boom Studio – Cross Discipline Scenario and how it can help your students develop.

To connect with Toon Boom to discuss our student achievement platform and CTE Certification please send an email to Mr. Louis Diggs;

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