Android App “Boom Goggles” Gets Parents’ Choice Foundation award

Do you like animation? Do you like Android? Then you can get Boom Goggles Premium for Android. THE animation app that’s so good the Parents’ Choice Foundation recommended it for their seal of approval!

What can you do with Boom Goggles?  Make Toonozilla run riot and terrify your friends!

Toonozilla goes crazy in office! You can easily make fun animation like this with Boom Goggles

Toonozilla goes crazy in office! You can easily make fun animation like this with Boom Goggles

 Draw and animate characters….

Boom Goggles UI

DON”T Forget to leave a comment about the how you like the app in the Google Play store.

Boom Goggles Premium App lets you explore the world of animation with easy to use tools. Use the camera on your mobile device to take pictures and add your own creative touch by drawing or simply use the clip-art images to create inspiring scenes. Show off with your friends by sharing your creations.

Toon Boom Press Release – Boom Goggles Recommended by the Parents’ Choice Foundation March 18

About the Parents’ Choice Foundation

Established in 1978, Parents’ Choice Foundation is the United States oldest nonprofit consumer guide to quality children’s media. As a Parents’ Choice Award® winner, Toon Boom is a member of a very select group. Fewer than 20% of the products submitted to the Parents’ Choice Awards program receive any level of commendation.

4 thoughts on “Android App “Boom Goggles” Gets Parents’ Choice Foundation award

  1. Dear Toon Boom Guy,
    I just stumbled across this and, I’m having some strange issues with my new phone. It’s an LG Optimus Elite (Virgin Mobile USA). Here’s the scenario: Bought the phone new and battery life was just fine. After a few weeks, the phone dies after two hours or so (with no usage), but it takes 4 hours to fully charge. When I look at the the battery usage, it shows that “phone standby” is the largest consumption of the battery, which is totally normal for me. I assumed it was an app, so I downloaded Advanced Task Killer, which helps a bit. Here’s the real kicker: I accidentally left my wifi on one day and my phone stayed on all day long. I shut the wifi off, and boom – phones dies in a short time. I’ve tried it all week, and without fail, the phone stays on for days with the wifi on, but with the wifi turned off, it dies within hours. Can anyone explain this? (just an fyi, I checked to make sure the wifi is actually on when it says it’s on, and it is definitely on).
    All the Best

  2. oon Boom Guy your response was excellent since that first comment had me at a loss. Back to our regularly scheduled comments however, so I bought the premium version and wondered, are there any instructions coming? Yes, the app is neat and simple but any idea if there’s gonna be the ability to splice/add slides between scenes? Also, it’d be nice to be able to draw on top of something you’ve drawn, I tried making a red blob, then adding a black inset and that was a no-go. Any ideas?

    • Hello, I spoke with the developer of the app and she suggested that you try this.
      To add a panel and place it in the middle, just grab one of the empty ones at the end and by holding it with your finger drag it between the frames you want.

      To color on top of what you have already drawn make sure to select the brush, then select a color and just draw on top.
      Hope this helps

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