Flip Boom Cartoon in 3 hours with 30 iPads – Cabbage Capers

Cabbage CapersCabbage Capers was a three hour improvisation animation workshop at Thomas Ferens Academy in Hull, UK. The workshop was given by David Bunting.

David explains, “I did a really fun experiment with a school this week using [Toon Boom’s] Flip Boom Cartoon in 3 hours with 30 iPads. And I thought you’d like to see the result! This is one of my favourite workshops which I normally do with good old fashioned flipbooks, but I got the opportunity to run this digitally at one of our schools of the future, where every pupil has an iPad. It’s an improvisation story and animation workshops. In a fun juxtaposition on hi-tec and low tech, we put all the iPads side by side and filmed it, which I recited the story… totally rustic, on the hoof and bonkers.. and one of my most fun days in school for a long time!”

David Bunting is the person who was responsible for the animation “Driving Inspiration: light up the world” which premiered at the Flame Lighting Ceremony at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium as part of the official opening celebrations of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The final output  shows how animation can be put together  by many users in a  very short period of time to create something fun.

Toon Boom has a student achievement platform which can enable educators to incorporate digital content into any Common Core subject matter without changing their current pedagogic direction. Click for more information on our educational program.


2 thoughts on “Flip Boom Cartoon in 3 hours with 30 iPads – Cabbage Capers

  1. Hi all, I’m Andrew Richardson Medd Assistant Headteacher responsible for the Integration of Digital Technology at Thomas Ferens Academy….we are delighted and proud of the work produced with David and will happily work with him again on other curriculum areas. I’m delighted that the work of our pupils and the innovative 1:1 iPad strategy we employ is sparking such creativity and opportunities.

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