Animatix Studio is Guyana’s first animation facility

Great news out of Guyana today, there is now a commercial animation production facility based in that country. The country’s first animation facility is Animatix Studios a division of BrainStreet Group, the successful ICT firm. The basis of the eventual creation of this studio was the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the BrainStreet Group and Toon Boom Animation in 2011 for the development of an offshore facility to provide animation and related production services. Animatix Studios will make use of Toon Boom’s HarmonyStoryboard Pro and Manager products

The production facilities capability was recently demonstrated to a high level delegation in Georgetown, Guyana. Attending the event were Guyanian Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana David Devine, and Toon Boom’s President and CEO Joan Vogelesang.

Team BrainStreet

Read the article from the StabroekNews 

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