KiDz HuB junior news reporters scoop interview with Toon Boom Animation CEO at Kingstoon

The KiDzHuB_reporters at Kingstoon 2013

The KiDzHuB_reporters at Kingstoon 2013

KiDz HuB Media Network had a team of junior reporters on the scene at Kingstoon and two of them nabbed Joan Vogelesang, Toon Boom‘s President and CEO for an interview. Joan was more than pleased to be asked and took time out of her extremely busy schedule to provide the young interviewers with some thought provoking answers to their questions.

Listen to the excellent interview by KiDz HuB reporters Joshua Dillon and Jhon Marc Prince at this link:- KingstOOn LIVE KiDz HuB Interviews Joan Vogelesang of Toon Boom Animation

As the future of any strong and successful animation and digital content creation hub are the children and youths who are presently in school, it is necessary to gain and hold their attention. Toon Boom not only creates animation and digital content software for teens and children it also is involved in education. We have a large range of very successful teaching and learning programs which schools use to teach students the core subjects of education.

You can find out more about the animation programs and apps suitable for young talent here.

If you want to find out about our education programs and software click here

See what our users have animated in the Toon Boom Showcase.

Follow Toon Boom on Facebook here

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