Imagination becomes Animation with Toon Boom Studio 8

Toon Boom Studio 8

Have fun turning your action-packed ideas into an animation when you use the enhanced multi-technique animation engine in Toon Boom Studio 8 the latest animation software from Toon Boom animation. If your are a hobbyist, a student, teacher or an animation fan, you’ll be able to create some blockbuster digital content. Check out the What’s New? video below.

Get Toon Boom Studio 8 here.

The animation software is packed full of new amazing new features including:

Instant Motion
Draw a trajectory and follow the line!
Just draw and watch it move. This tool makes the animation for you.
Instant Talking
Import sound! Lip-sync as easy as 1,2,3!
The brand new and revamped lip-sync engine.
Instant Blockbuster Effects
Make the action happen! Movie magic just one click away.
54 All new! Thrilling, action special action effects. Create great blockbusters with the new Shatter,
Magic, Splash, Explosion, Fire and Celestial effects.
Instant Natural Movement
Introducing the soft and smooth bone movement collection.
Make your bone rigs look smooth and flowy.
Instant Storyline
Direct your movie scene-by-scene! Start the action!
All new scene transitions available in Toon Boom Studio.

There is also a full line of brand new animation tutorials in the works too!

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