Pinewood Studios Platinum Films is a Storyboard Pro

Every filmmaker knows the importance of a storyboard. This vital step in pre-production allows the filmmaker to “flesh-out” the essence of the writers words and put them into a visual representation and animatic with sounds and instructions for the team to work to as they make the film.

Matt Hatter Chronicles

The UK’s very successful Platinum Films (Matt Hatter Chronicles, Planet Cook, Dream Street) creates their boards using Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro digital boarding software, this saves them time and as Nigel Stone, Platinum’s Executive Producer and CEO says, “The biggest advantage of creating the storyboards in Storyboard Pro was the time efficiencies the software gave us at every stage of pre-production. We were able to call revisions during a storyboard approval session and our storyboard artists could change the panels in a matter of minutes. Another time-saving feature is the ability to share a library of locations with a team of artists, which also ensure continuity throughout the production. To top-it-off, the full integration with other production software like Final Draft and Final Cut allowed for easy file management and smooth pipelines of workflow. I’d certainly recommend other producers to invest in Storyboard Pro, whatever the scale of their productions”.

Matt Hatter Chronicles - Zombie Boss

Read more about Platinum Films’ success, current productions and history here.

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