Christopher Lloyd wows fans at Toon Boom’s Montreal Comiccon event

The lights dimmed and the audience settled down as the show’s compere introduced Toon Boom Animation President and CEO, Joan Vogelesang. Ms. Vogelesang wasted no time in explaining to the audience what Toon Boom did and how as a Montreal-based animation software company it led the world. The audience roared with applause and pride when Ms. Vogelesang reminded the almost filled to capacity room that Toon Boom is a homegrown company, 100% based in Montreal. Studios such as Disney, Nelvana, Fox, Warner Bros and many others use Toon Boom content creation software to create well-known feature animations and primetime animation content. In fact, Toon Boom has won two primetime Emmy awards for their ground-breaking Harmony animation and Storyboard Pro boarding software.

She then introduced the actor whom the fans had been waiting to see, Christopher Lloyd. Famous for his roles on TV, movies and the stage, including the eccentric inventor ”Doc” Emmett L. Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy; and Judge Doom in the ground-breaking live-action animation feature Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. He kept the audience on the edge of their seats as he answered questions from his legions of fans in attendance. Mr. Lloyd answered questions about everything from his early start in theater, all the way through to his role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He told anecdotal stories about Back to the Future and Star Trek.

Toon Boom also sponsored another Montreal Comiccon event with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.

Toon Boom has previously hosted events at  Montreal Comiccon; Meet and Greet with Stan Lee, and the Patrick Stewart and William Shatner – Reunion of the Generations.

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