New Kid Zone – Epic place for Fun, Games and Activities Online

Boom Time

New Kid Zone! It’s BOOM Time! Check it out HERE

The NEW KID ZONE on Toon Boom Animation’s website is made for fun, imagination and excitement. Follow the antics of Renny and he will lead you through fabulous adventures.


Cartoon Fun lets you take part as Renny shows you how to complete a cartoon!


Games to test your BRAINS! like Picture Sudoku, Folding Paper Craft and Renny’s own Colouring Page!

C Comics have Fun Factoid Facts Learn amazing and weird things about the world you live in!  For instance did you know that “Every snowflake has six sides!”


FAN PAGE of your cartoons! Where you can show everyone what you have made with Flip Boom Cartoon. Just send your cartoons to Renny and if he likes it, he’ll leave what he is doing and put them on the Fan Page for all to see.

AND FOLLOW BOOM Time Magazine – Out NOW on the iPad Newsstand!

This FREE magazine for iPad is just what you have been looking for to spend those fun hours entertaining yourself with fun activities! Get your family and friends to play the games as well!

This family-friendly magazine is made to entertain and educate with easy-to-solve and more thought-provoking activities for everyone in the family.

If you have Flip Boom Cartoon for iPad then BOOM Time Magazine is a great complement to it, as some activities can deliver more fun and entertainment to the entire family!

Every Issue Has –

Exciting Comics, Colouring, Fun Facts, Origami, Interactive Game, Complete the Picture, Papercraft and a Fan Page!

Hours of delight!

Follow the Antics of Renny the Fox

He’ll show you and your friends games and fun things to do in your free time!

Snowflake Comic

Find out what else is in store on the BOOM Time fun-page.

If you get the latest Flip Boom Cartoon iPad app you can even take part in the interactive games.

BOOM Time Magazine – is out the first Thursday of each month!

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